People across the UK are having their say on money and banking. Come and join in.

It’s been more than a decade since the financial crisis, regulation has been passed and a wave of new banks have popped up. But have things really changed for banking customers? Have your say. 


What can I expect at an event?

Our events are held in public spaces, cafes, etc. So just pop in and you’ll see an area where some of our team are. There’ll be questionnaires you can fill in, people you can chat to, and if you want to get involved in one of the group discussions you will be very welcome. We always make sure our participants are well fed and watered 🙂

So please pop on down and say hi, you can take part as little or as much as you want. And your comments will help provoke debate about the state of the UK’s financial services and inspire change in the sector.

What about my data? Can I be anonymous?

We won’t collect or store any personal information. All answers and comments you give will be anonymous.

We may use these anonymous comments and stories at a later date, for example when we’re talking about our findings in a press release or on a social post. But they will always, always be anonymous.

What will you do with the responses?

Well, we’ll collect all the completed surveys up and our research team will have a thorough read.

We’ll be looking for the themes and issues that are affecting people the most. We’ll be noting down stories that provide evidence of people’s experiences. And also looking for sparks of ideas for what people need most.

We’ll be reporting on our findings over the coming weeks. Please follow us on our social channels to keep in touch with what we’re up to.

Who is behind The People’s Money Survey?

The People’s Money Survey is a research study launched by Dozens and Explain The Market

Dozens was set up to offer a fundamentally different kind of financial service. From day one we hired people who weren’t bankers so that ideas came from varying perspectives. We built an app with a community of 300 people across the UK to ensure it solved for all different financial needs. This has led to 10,000 customers of all ages and locations trying out the app in less than 6 months. Now we’re committed to giving everyone a voice. So, we partnered with Explain The Market to run The People’s Money Survey.

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